Investment in EAC

Today I want to share a couple of ideas for investments you can make in East Africa in the year 2024. I know very well Rwanda and Uganda, living in these two countries for the last 10 years separately visiting each one consistently have seen potential in them that can be a life change for people and investors who are looking for ways to invest for generations to come. I will make sure this post isn't too long and too short and will try to give you statistics on each country separately and I will touch a little bit on the Kenya side.

First and foremost, Agriculture is the way to go! Rwanda is a fairly small country compared to Uganda but the opportunities there are relatively high. The landscape is mountainous cropland is on a slope between 10%  to 60%. Rwanda has 4 seasons, summer starts around June to August and the heavy rain is usually around March and April. Given the landscape and the seasonality of the weather, agriculture is favorable because you can cultivate throughout the year. According to FAO, agriculture accounts for 33% of the country's GDP, and this sector has been growing at a rate of 7% per year. On the list of exports, we see vegetables, poultry, coffee, and tea among others. This is a very recultivate business you might
want to look at if you want to invest in Rwanda.

In Uganda, the agriculture sector is the backbone of the country it employs around 70% of the population and contributes around 30% to the GDP. Uganda exports fish, sugar, tea, and coffee among others earning around 40% of the export. Uganda has favorable weather conditions for two rain seasons per year, and low-temperature variability which is excellent for agriculture. The country is putting some initiatives underway to modernize this sector, introducing irrigation and value-addition, this country can also be a focus in the next several years if you want to invest in Uganda in the agriculture sector of the country.

If agriculture is not your thing, ICT is another sector that needs investors both in Rwanda and Uganda. For example, ICT in Rwanda is still young but growing at a high speed, it accounts now around 1.5% GDP of the country. Focus areas like E-service and E-commerce increase the adoption of digital platforms for business and government. Mobile technologies and Automation in all these sectors can be a great area to put your money in and be happy in the next few years to come.

These two sectors are so important and can be a rewarding investment you can do in the year 2024. Let's keep the conversation going as other sectors are not as important as the first two in both countries, but areas like real estate, transport of people and goods that investors can look into, areas like renewable energies all these sectors are also important not as important as the first two in my opinion. I will speak about renewable energies in the next few days, but I want to leave it at that for now, I hope you enjoy reading


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